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"I worked with Darlyne at Constellation for over two years and she quickly figured out how to make a major impact on the business. Her legal training gives her excellent analytical skills and shrewd judgment, and her insights often came from a slightly different perspective which adds great value to the creative process. I appreciated the way she continually looked to improve both sales and processes, to increase efficiency and generate more profit. Darlyne is open to new ideas and new technology, seeking ways to change the dynamic of the customer relationship to increase winery profitability."

Matt Wood | General Manager
Domaine Chandon

"Darlyne's energy, acumen and the ability to think strategically allow her to be very effective in developing and implementing marketing programs. She has a fantastic understanding of the wine business with particular focus on the DTC channel; Darlyne's ideas and execution are superb."

Dev Sidhu | Partner (2001-2006)
Freemark Abbey Winery

"Decisive, innovative and dynamic: these are some of the strong elements that Darlyne brings to her management approach. Darlyne was a breath of fresh air when she managed our DTC department and she delivered with a style distinctly her own."

Cathleen Francisco | Wine Club and Compliance
Ravenswood Winery

"Your passion for the business, day-to-day management skills, strategic point of view and incredible work ethic are very much appreciated."

Jessica Kogan | Founder/CMO
Cameron Hughes Wine